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Qualifications verification & talent matching agency in South Africa

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Why we exist


• Local Support South Africa

Vroopa offers local support with Human Resources and qualifications verification services to make right hiring decisions.

• Talent Matching Services

We exist to expedite your recruiting process online in identifying future leaders and top potentials in South Africa through our talent matching services.

• Candidate Recruitment

We attract creative and productive candidates in our database.

• Candidate Screening

Mitigate reputational, legal, and financial risks that are inherent with omitting candidate screening.

• Job Hiring Online

Hire individuals who will uphold the integrity of the opportunities you advertise.

• Cultural Improvement Employees

We help you hire for cultural improvement, and not cultural fit.


Human Resources and talent matching opportunities are exclusive to Premium membership for professionals and enterprises. Special offer! We are offering a free 30 day subscription trial to the first 10 Enterprise members and 100 Professional subscribers. Sign-up for free. Terms and conditions apply.

Professional Membership Benefits
  • Track job application quicker
  • Create a single profile with verified credentials
  • Access personal data anytime
  • Receive reminders to keep your qualifications recently certified 
  • Comprehensive CV preparation and screening
  • Talent matching
  • Receive certified job notifications
  • Make connections 
  • Assistance with online presence 
  • Assistance with verifying meeting venues
  • Access to opportunities for career development 
  • HR services
  • On-boarding support

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No credentials verification will be performed without a signed consent form by a respective data subject. Response Times commence when Vroopa (PTY) LTD is in receipt of an accurate application and payment.

Our business hours are from 08h00 to 16h00 Monday to Friday.

Whilst Vroopa (PTY) LTD is able to provide same day responses, this may not always be guaranteed as there are continual negotiations with data sources to improve response times.

Services Agreement and Privacy Policy apply. View our PAIA and POPIA manual